As can be inferred from the dates of the last few posts I made on this blog, I have not been all that active of late. Indeed, the last time I put up a blog post was about two months ago, and in the last ten months I’ve barely posted once every four weeks – a far cry from when I started this website and was posting almost twice a week. An observer might reasonably infer that something occurred over the last few months that caused the dramatic drop in blogging output from yours truly.

They would be entirely right. Essentially, Finals happened.

When I started this blog, I was a lowly second-year undergraduate, coasting through that magical middle year with no exams looming over my head, far too much time on my hands and an overenthusiastic desire to start a new ‘project’. This was all fine and dandy when all I had to do was read a few books and knock out the odd essay, but since the start of this year I’ve been walloped with a bombardment of coursework, dissertations and examinations that have somewhat sapped my will to write for pleasure.

However, as of now, I have (somehow) managed to crawl over the finish line and completed Finals (and University); as such, with my new-found freedom, this blog should be seeing a bit more attention and TLC. What exactly I am going to be writing on I don’t quite know yet, though you can expect the usual reflections on University life (especially since I have now completed it) as well as good-natured grumblings and musings on various aspects of life that irritate or amuse me.

So that’s it really. Just to let the blogosphere know that this isn’t an ex-blog… it’s just been resting ;).